Welcome To Tick Fitness
We’re not like other gyms. We won’t tie you into a contract. Or charge you a fortune every month. So make yourself at home and take a look around.
Women's Health
Antenatal and Post Natal Fitness
Train under guidance with confidence and success.
Wellness and Mindfulness
Providing safe and effective exercise options
Train with an evidenced based approach.
Children's Health
Providing safe and effective exercise
options Tackling the issues of delayed skill
development and postural strength
Injury Rehabilitation and
Providing safe and effective exercise
Group Fitness
Enjoy our classes taught by real people with
real people next to you. Have a laugh and
meet others working hard like you.
Personal Training
Train with confidence you are getting the very best advice and help. Complete with an education to help you into the future.
DVA, Medicare and NDIS accepted
Providing safe and effective exercise
Life Skills and Fitness Education
Teaching you the skills of fitness and how to integrate
them into your lifestyle helping you to make
more informed fitness choices.
3 month - Change your Life program
Exercise for Health and Healing
Programs based on a comprehensive analysis and evidence to prevent and recover from injuries, and ensure your healthy lifestyle.
Our Pricing
Injury Risk Analysis
For Comprehensive analysis and Program
12 Week Challenge
$30 /week Enroll Now
Personal Training with an Expert
Come and Try
$60 for 2 x 20 minute Enroll Now
Membership Options
Pay Weekly,
Up front - 3, 6, 12 months,
Healthfund rebates, Medicare, DVA and Insurance accepted.
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