About Us


Tick Fitness is providing affordable and integrated fitness solutions for the whole family. With a team lead by a local physiotherapist and supported by experienced exercise physiologist(s) and personal trainer(s) you can rely on advice to be sound, and programs to be supervised in our small fitness studio/clinic.  Helping kids to achieve coordination and movement skills and helping Mum’s-to-be with safe and effective fitness advice pre, during and post natal stages.

Providing an encouraging environment where any body will feel at home in our community of fitness participants, and where being looked after is the focus of training, with equipment and programs matched to individual needs.

Life skill training in fitness will underscore all memberships with access to fitness knowledge and informed staff will help you to understand the intricacies of the fitness message.

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Our Team
Together we are all committed to bringing you a unique and evidence based solution package – we are different to the rest. Helping you to make more efficient and effective choices and providing you with the skills to confidently move forward without injury, illness and in; a suitable and sustainable fitness way.

Physiotherapist and Fitness Expert
A local Physiotherapist with 20 years of exercise, fitness and sports health delivery leads the way with strong skills and high expectation of the staff. Having delivered the fitness message for several years her passion for teaching fitness and helping people on their journey is demonstrated in every thought action and deed. No exercise is an accident and all instructions have a purpose.

Personal Trainer
A keen marathon participant and Iron Man competitor, Trevor is a welcome male face on our team. Keeping the “Over 50’s” Well, Healthy and Fit is just one of his specialties. He divides his time with his family, 1 on 1 client, classes and training.

Pilates Instructor
Join Karin for one on one pilates training, or join a class for a dynamic floor challenge of the brain and body. Develop a deeper awareness of movement and strength in postural control with her helpful tips and corrections.
Rebecca (Bec)
Personal Trainer
Our newest instructor teaching with care and a fun inclusive attitude fits right into our team.  Kids are enjoying diversity and another approach to exercise.
Our Story

Tick Fitness has been in the planning for at least 10 years. It has been designed to help people through the earliest and often most intimidating stage of integrating a healthier way to approach life into your current circumstances.   The journey to make changes can be difficult enough without the often conflicting advice you find on the internet and in the gyms.   A non-intimidating environment makes it easy to feel at ease and with our trainers who have also had to learn these lessons too.

Providing the right advice to expectant mothers is essential in ensuring that you and your baby can have the best start on the exciting journey of motherhood. And just as important is the delivery of fitness skills to our members, ensuring that you have the skills into the future to sort through the sometimes outrageous claims and advice you might find online or in mainstream fitness venues.

Because the team includes a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist you are able to claim against your health fund for the services they deliver.