Stay Healthy with a Personal Trainer in the Mawson Lakes and Para Vista Areas

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Personal training is a great way to stay on top of your fitness. Whether you are new to exercising or want to amp up your routine, working with a personal trainer in our Mawson Lakes centre can help you achieve your goals in a supportive and effective way. Located only a short drive from Para Vita, we welcome surrounding areas to come and train with us.

There are many elements to health and fitness and it’s easy to be overwhelmed about the process, but with the guidance and education from a Tick Fitness personal trainer, you will be well-equipped to stay on track.

Advantages of personal training

Being educated during workout sessions reduces the risk of injury, and maximises the effectiveness of the exercises. You will learn everything you need to know about exercising and can have a tailored routine designed just for you.

Personal training can also be a big motivator for people and encourage regular workout sessions. Your personal trainer will boost your confidence as they will push you to be better and support you when you need it the most. In addition, having someone waiting for you and planning an entire routine for you will aid in accountability and give you an incentive to actually turn up and complete your workout. To find an exercise routine that matches your lifestyle and goals, we offer a range of services to accommodate.

Enquire about personal training

If you have a health and fitness goal that you want to achieve, we have personal trainers to help and a great range of equipment to get you moving. From group sessions to pain management and physiotherapy, Tick Fitness can help. Contact the team today to book an appointment or find out more.

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