Exercise Physiologist and Personal Training Services in Mawson Lakes and Para Vista

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Your trainer will complete a comprehensive risk assessment and program development to suit your goals. The analysis presented by your exercise physiologist will incorporate exercises for health and healing and will be specifically tailored to you, taking into consideration existing injuries to prevent further damage and enhance recovery, as well as your unique lifestyle. Our programs are designed to integrate fitness and lifestyle together so that you can always make the best choices for yourself and allowing you to be continually working on your health and recovery.

Operating out of the Mawson Lakes location, which is only a short drive from Para Vitsa, your exercise physiologist will educate you on the different phases of training and provide the help you need to a healthy integration while maintaining the lifestyle you want. In conjunction with personal training services, you can become a fitter version of yourself and achieve set goals with a supportive and qualified team.

How can we help with your physio needs?

At Tick Fitness we also offer physiotherapy sessions for injury prevention and recovery and pain management. You will always be in the hands of a trusted and experienced physio, who will guide you through the process of a better feeling and free moving body.

  • Comprehensive injury risk assessment
  • Comprehensive strength and weakness assessment
  • S M A R T goal-setting process to ensure your outcomes
  • Regular review of your goals and achievements
  • Education in the Fitness message and life skill development
  • Referral for other services when needed
  • Training for change without feeling out of place.
  • Small Groups up to 5

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Our fitness community is encouraging and engaged, so reach out today to take advantage of our physiotherapy and exercise physiologist services.


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