How to Join Us

Things you need to know

All of our trainers have formal qualifications or Degree’s in their areas of Rehabilitation, Exercise Therapy and Fitness for health and wellness, AND are registered with national registration bodies.

Your trainers are all committed to your safety and when you attend our fitness clinic you will be supervised and have the opportunity to access help and advice when you need.

You will learn about a different way to train that is effective and easy to integrate with you and your life. Sessions will be short sharp and shiny to help you be more time efficient and goal effective.

Your trainers will look after you, and even let you know when you don’t need to be there.

We are not another Gym, we are something different, we pride ourselves on providing the safest group and personal training facility with supervised open hours and family-friendly environment.  We are working hard to build a supportive environment for all the people who need it most.

Make An Appointment

About Your 1st Visit

On your first visit you will need to fill out a basic exercise screening form – which will help our trainers to start the important process of looking after you. If you have some very serious complications you may not be able to join in, however, we are very experienced and should still be able to provide you with a pathway to participation.

If you have any referrals from your physiotherapist to the classes or Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) you will need to let us know and bring it with you on your first visit.

HiCaps is available so you may be able to claim on your health fund for your casual visit if you have been referred by a doctor or seen out physiotherapist prior to starting.

Download the MINDBODY app on your phone or tablet and you can also manage your attendances on line and track any pass visits.